Taiwan Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology

 In great appreciation of the support of TAOG members, Shee-Uan will work excessively hard with the 23rd Board Directors and Supervisors for the well-being of women and our members in the next three years.

 I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the great effort done by all previous Presidents of TAOG, who have made tremendous progress for TAOG.

 Due to the current Covid situation and border controls, many oversea exchange programs have been taken place online; however, we believe with the ease of Covid-19, on-site International academic exchanges that building strong friendships will be on track soon. We look forward to more possible collaboration and academic exchanges with more countries.

 It has become a tradition to host a J-K-T Joint Conference at FIGO World Congress. The topic for 2023 will be “Sharing the IVF Subsidy Program in Japan, Korea and Taiwan” and we are grateful to the government of Taiwan that grants funds for infertility couples, so we are able to share the fruitful results with the world.

 The declining birth rate crisis in Taiwan may cause concern and largely affects national society. As the Ob-Gyns, we shall be more thorough in prenatal and postnatal care. Since giving birth is basic human rights, to restrict people from receiving advanced infertility treatment by unwed relationship has risk of violating human rights. According to the survey published by the International Federation of Fertility Society (IFFS), there are only 21% of counties restrict married couples to access assisted reproductive technology (ART). Most advanced countries, on the other hand, have no special restrictions and agree that unmarried people have the right to receive ART, even homosexuals.

 Being single or due to the need of surrogate mothers, many women in Taiwan take the trouble of traveling a long distance oversea for ART. The ART and Ob-Gyns in Taiwan are of first grade level, however yet with the restrictions of the law, we are unable to help them.

 We adopt a positive attitude in term of taking ART for single woman or seeking the assistance of surrogate mothers. To cooperate with the society and with the legislative assistance, we genuinely wish to help these women embrace the joy and happiness of having children of their own. As parenting is also crucial to child development, we hope these children can all become pillars of the society in the future.

 In the past few years, Shee-Uan has served as the Director of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in National Taiwan University Hospital. We are gratified that many outstanding students choose Ob-Gyns for future clinical study and research. We will enhance their training and practice courses, as well as promoting the development of realistic training models to ensure the best result of treatment. We will have good hands in teaching hospital or in grass-roots services in the future.

 For the next three years, I will work restless for improving the well-beings of women in Taiwan and for all TAOG members. Thank you very much!

President of TAOG
October 23rd , 2022